The Construction Of Culture And The City

The concept of culture and the city co-existing is something that has come to the forefront when trying to establish a relationship between the two. While this in no way means that there was no prior connection between the two, the twenty first century has opened its gates into incorporating popular culture into the city scape.

Developing the City

Decades following the industrial revolution cities were viewed as a place of business and hard work. Residential areas were created in order that those working in industries will be able to work from the early hours of morning till late night. The congested housing areas gradually turned into residential areas or were transformed into various storage spaces and parking lots over the years. The city in the 21st century is extremely different. People pay millions of dollars for apartments in major cities such as New York, London and Dubai. Interestingly, it is in the city that popular culture is developed through the very structuring of the city.

Expression through Buildings

The art form of the abstract is something that is taking over major cities in the world. When designing new buildings; be it a theatre, a dance studio or even a football stadium its design and creation would be extremely unconventional. An architect specializing in this field would be called on to design and construct buildings keeping geometric and minimalist features in mind. It is also interesting to note that this type of art and design construction is not always limited to the construction of buildings, but include public spaces in which modern forms of park benches, tables, chairs and even bathrooms are created.

Retaining Culture

Culture has a whole new meaning in the twenty first century. Culture today include articles found in magazines, music, film, the fashion industry tied together with the economic and historic factors that affect culture. An instance in which culture is retained is through drastic modern interior changes being made to historic buildings. The role of the architect Dubai then would be to ensure that though many modifications are being made to a building built over a century ago, that its external appearance would remain the same even though the interior is completely changed. Many high end retail businesses have their showrooms in such buildings. This is one instance in which an older form of culture (the building with a historic importance) and new popular culture (the fashion industry) co-exist in the city.

City as Residential

With the intermingling of culture and history within the city, it is no wonder that the city is considered one of the most luxurious places to live in. The facilities that a city provides coupled together with culture are what make an area residential. This shift from a purely industrial city to a residential and industrial city portrays the city as the new ideal place to live in.