How To Decide On The Appropriate Venue For Your Event

For arguments’ sake let’s say that you need to arrange a conference meeting and you are frantically shopping around for venues. It’s hard enough arranging the other details of an event like speakers, transportation and content without having to worry about where the event will be held. So here are some guidelines to help you find the perfect place:
Cost and Availability of Venue
This is the most important check mark on your list. Make a list of all possible venues and call them to check for availability before you inspect the place. Venues may be pre- booked by as much as six months so it’s paramount that you check for availability first. Make your inspection afterwards, always bearing in mind that corporate clients are usually charged significantly more than individual clients on the logic that they can afford to. Ensure that the venue rep learns that you have a tight budget so that you open the floor for negotiations of price. Most venues have several different packages with different services and amenities included (or excluded) so you can select one that fits your taste, budget and corporate conference requirements.
In- House Amenities in Case of Emergencies
Most venues will have all the amenities necessary on hand. They provide chairs, tables, catering, in-house audio visual services etc. for events but most planners opt to hire these services out to independent contractors to lower costs or because they need specialized equipment/ service that the venue cannot provide.
However, when deciding on the venue, try to find a place that will have all of the above readily available in case your hired contractor can’t make it and you need to find a replacement at the last minute. Be warned: most in- house audio visual services are not as up- to- date as on the outside.
Easy Access for Conference Attendees
Find out where your attendees are coming from. Are they all local or are some of them flying in? If it’s the latter, they will not want to drive long and far to get to their destination as most will fly in with only an hour or so to spare. Try to find a venue that is equidistant from your offices and from the airport/ train station/ bus depot. Make sure it’s easy to find on GPS so no one gets lost. If you can’t find a place close to the airport, provide transportation to the venue either individually for each attendee with a car service or have a shuttle service that runs on a pre- informed time table.