Commonly Used Structural Metals

Over the years, people have used many different materials for the construction of buildings and structures. In recent decades, metal has become the material of choice for most construction projects. This is the obvious choice for a lot of people over most other methods because of the durability, efficiency and strength of a metal when compared to any other building material. They look cleaner, have a bigger impact visually and are far more versatile than standard construction options. There are many metals that are used in the construction industry and most of them are pretty great for their own purpose. Based on budget, needs and even the climate of the country they are being used in, different choices may be used in different structures.
Aluminium and Its Applications
Aluminum is one of the most common choices for structural metal fabrication in the modern day. Buildings in the present day simply aren’t constructed without this metal being used in one way or another. The material properties of aluminum make it the obvious choice for many different tasks. It is light, but incredibly strong. It is also very resistant to rusting, and can be used in a whole range of different applications, such as in the design of ceilings, walls, window and door frames, HVAC systems and even in the construction of bridges and stadiums.
Copper, Steel and Cast Iron
Copper is one of the oldest metals that man has been using. Since the dawn of the time when mankind first discovered it, it has been used for one reason or another. Today it is a staple of structural metal fabrication and the construction industry. It is incredibly versatile as a metal, and has some very strong physical properties, including high conductivity, ductility, resistance to rust and strength. It isn’t usually used for major structural support, but as a secondary material in wiring, cladding and even in gas lines and roofing.
Steel is the most common building material in the world. It is also the most commonly recycled metal. It is used in huge quantities by any aspect of the construction industry because of the ability to build sustainable structures with it. It can be found on just about anything from bridges, schools and skyscrapers to offices, stadiums and even security perimeters. A cousin of steel is cast iron, which is used in applications where the brittleness of the material isn’t a problem. Together, these metals are the most common in the world and we would not be anywhere without them.